What’s the problem?

We’ve noticed an increase in students sharing work, or submitting shared work found online or elsewhere as their own.

This wrongfully shared work includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Completed and/or marked assignments and worksheets
  • Completed essays or other written work
  • Quizzes and exams, with or without answers

When you take work from online or other sources, you’re not learning the problem-solving skills you’ll need to be successful in the future. Likewise, when you share your own work online, you’re preventing other students from learning opportunities (and putting your own academic future in jeopardy).

What happens if I share work inappropriately?

ADLC’s staff and teachers closely monitor student work. We also use TurnItIn plagiarism prevention software in Moodle to alert teachers and markers of submissions that closely resemble prior work.

  • Students found to be submitting work that isn’t their own will be notified of our policy, and given a chance to correct their behaviour. If a student continues to submit work that is not their own, they will be awarded a mark of zero for their work, and a letter will be sent to their parents and local principals.
  • Similarly, if a student is found to be sharing their own work online, they will be notified and given the chance to remove their posted work. If the student fails to take down their work, ADLC will remove that student from any courses they’re currently in, and block them from registering with ADLC again.

What’s the difference between collaboration and work sharing/copying?

Sharing thoughts and ideas in-person, in forums, and group chats—that’s just fine. Working on a group project (as instructed by your teacher) is great! Collaboration is valuable for generating and expanding upon ideas. 

Sharing completed works in full, like essays or assignments, is not collaborative (it’s copying!), and could cause another student to be charged with plagiarism. Likewise, “borrowing” completed academic works not written by you and submitting them as your own is unacceptable.

Unsure about whether your work is fair play?