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So that ADLC’s teachers can focus on active students, and to keep class sizes manageable, we’ve made a change that affects funded students who haven’t started course work in ADLC’s Student Instruction (SI) courses.

As of Oct. 20, funded SI students who haven’t been active in a course within 90 days of their course start date will be automatically withdrawn from their course.

Note that this does not affect students in ADLC’s Teacher Support (TS) Courses.

How it works

If a student doesn’t have a mark entered into SIS within 60 days of their course start date, ADLC’s Student Information System (SIS) will email the student, the student’s teacher, and the Distance Education (DE) contact at the student’s school notifying them that the student has 30 days to begin their course prior to being automatically withdrawn.

If, after 90 days, there is still no mark in the course, the student will be withdrawn from that course and our SIS will email the student, their teacher, and their DE contact notifying them that the student has been withdrawn from the course.

After a student has been withdrawn from a course, the student’s associated Affiliation Super User may re-register—but not reinstate—the student; however, we strongly encourage schools to carefully consider what is the best educational program for a particular student before re-registering them.

To prevent students from being unnecessarily withdrawn from a course, make sure to enter an accurate “Start Date” into the appropriate field when enrolling a student in SIS.

What makes a student “active” according to SIS?

A student must complete at least one course gradable (eg., an assignment, quiz, or other piece of course work) in Moodle and have that mark recorded by a teacher or marker in SIS.

An exemption does not make a student “active” in SIS and will not prevent a student who has otherwise not begun a course from being dropped.

Who does this affect?

This change applies to:

  • Funded students in ADLC’s SI sections only.
    ie., Students being taught by ADLC teachers who haven’t paid out-of-pocket expenses for their tuition (For more on how funding works, check out Tuition, Fees & Funding).

This change doesn’t apply to:

  • Students in TS courses
  • Unfunded students
  • Students who’ve started a course and then paused
  • Students who’ve been reinstated into courses


If you have any questions about this change, or how it will affect your students, please reach out to the Learning Network Liaison in your area.

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