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Notifications from ADLC’s Student Information System (SIS) help us inform schools when students are entered into a course, and when they are removed—whether for successful completion, a lack of submitted work, or simply reaching the end of the registration period.

Starting this fall, ADLC will require all partner schools receive automatic email notifications from SIS. We’ll also require that all partner schools have a Distance Education (DE) contact in charge of each student’s DE program. Schools who have not designated a DE contact person will be asked to do so.

ADLC’s decision to make notifications mandatory is based on Section 45 of the School Act:

A Board shall ensure that each of its resident students is provided with an education program consistent with the requirements of this Act and its regulations.

Section 45 of the School Act

This change is planned for the week of Oct. 16–20—we’ll update this post once the date is confirmed.


If you have any questions about this upcoming change, please reach out to the Learning Network Liaison in your area.

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