Message from the Principal


Distance education is one of the most flexible methods we have to connect students with teachers and the important course content that needs to be learned. It can also be confusing at the start, figuring out how to navigate resources and ensuring that practice work is completed before submitting assignments.

This guide is designed to help you navigate some of the practical challenges of accessing your distance education course resources and teacher assistance. It does not take the place of your teacher and it is not, by any means, your only resource for assistance.

Distance education is very much a team effort. Your local school has staff who know how to contact and interact with ADLC. You have an ADLC teacher dedicated to helping you understand your course content and helping you reach your goals.

The biggest element to success, though, is you!

By accessing distance education you are taking control of your own learning. This can be very liberating for some students as they make their plans and engage in their course right away. For other students, it is a challenge because there is not a structure in place to compel them to tackle their studies at a particular time (unless you have a distance education block built into your current time schedule).

You can be successful in your course, but there is substantial work ahead. The staff of ADLC stand ready to help you, and have prepared this guide to give you the best sense of how to advocate for yourself in your learning.

Keep working hard!

Frank McCallum,

Principal, ADLC