• Exams require ADLC approved supervision.
  • Exams can only be released once the required number of assessments (gradables) are submitted AND marked. An exam can’t be booked until the exam is eligible to be released.

If your school registered you for your course, you will register for your exam on; you will select the name of your school as your Writing Centre when completing this registration.


NOTE: If you are unable to select your school as the Writing Centre, contact your school regarding registering for your Diploma exam.


If you or your parent/guardian registered you directly with ADLC or with Vista Virtual School for your course, then how you register for your diploma exam depends on where you live:


  • If you live nearer to Lethbridge than to Calgary or Edmonton, then you will contact the Lethbridge ADLC campus at (403) 327-2160 or toll-free at 1 (866) 774-5333 extension 6300 to inquire if there is space for you to write your diploma exam at this campus.


  • If you live nearer to Calgary or Edmonton than to Lethbridge, then you will register for your exam on; you will select the closer of the following as your Writing centre when completing this registration:
    • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary
    • University of Alberta Dentistry/Pharmacy Building in Edmonton

If you live outside the province of Alberta, then you will email to request a special writing centre; you will want to make this request as soon as possible after determining on which of the approved dates you wish to write your diploma exam as it can take months to set up a special writing centre.