Assignments in online courses can be completed either online (typing) or by printing the assignment and using paper and pencil. Print-based courses typically have print-based assignment books and will, from time to time, have certain assignments available for online completion. Courses are set up differently, so be sure to check with your ADLC teacher so that you are using the assignment completion method that is best suited to you.

ADLC expects to supply print assignment and module booklets for the foreseeable future as many students appreciate the print course format. However, to support swift feedback and better support the learning process, ADLC is moving toward online submission methods for completed assignments, even if those assignments are hand written and then scanned.

Regardless of how you complete an assignment, ADLC strongly recommends submitting your assignments through your course’s online Moodle page. This will drastically speed up how quickly you receive feedback: Submissions online will be marked within 3 business days, while submissions that are mailed in often take up to 3 weeks to be returned to the student. To submit an assignment online, you may need to scan your document to create a digital file. Refer to the Scanning section below for directions.