If you’re interested in actively shaping a more inclusive, peaceful, and sustainable world, we encourage you to join ongoing web-stream seminars that connect you with humanitarians from TakingITGlobal and The Centre for Global Education.

ADLC does not currently offer Going Global as a student club. Interested students may access Going Global events independently.

Livestream Events

The Centre for Global Education streams events with topics ranging from Child Soldiers to Resistance Art. Use the livestream link to view all upcoming events. You can join an event live, and use social media to ask questions during the event, or watch the event at a later date.

Past Student Work

Student Projects

Through Going Global, ADLC students have contributed to the following projects, among others:

Going Global students have had numerous opportunities to present their work to local and international leaders at events around the world. Students participating in Going Global through The Centre for Global Education have been featured in headlines for their work:

Student Gallery

Going Global on the Web

Going Global works in partnership with The Centre for Global Education, an Edmonton-based high school program created to provide students with learning opportunities fit for the 21st century.

The Centre works with partners like Microsoft, UNESCO Associated Schools, and Taking IT Global to help students from Canada and around the globe collaborate on issues that matter.

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