ADLC has set June 30 as the completion date for all of our courses for school-aged students. This change was communicated in September of 2018. Please make appropriate plans for your students.

We recognize that this is a change from previous practice. June 30 has been set as the course completion date because it aligns with the school year calendars of most of our partners. We have observed that overall work productivity of students during the summer months tended to be low, especially in core programs. We have also seen evidence that the June 30 course end date will support greater course completions.

Requesting Extensions Into The Summer

We have been asked about Summer Extensions.

We will be able to offer summer extensions under certain conditions. We are still working on finalizing those conditions, as there are technical considerations that need to be sorted out.

We know that we will need to have adequate enrollments to extend a course into the summer. We also need to confirm that you, our partner schools, are able to support your students during the summer.

Please stay tuned. More information is forthcoming in February.


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Reminder: ADLC will be closed on Monday, February 18, 2019 for the Family Day Holiday and resuming normal operations on Tuesday, February 19th. Dismiss