Note: The information contained on this page has been scrubbed of individual student information.

1) Getting Started

a) Logging In

(1) Through the ADLC Website

(2) Through SIS

(3) Through a Direct Link

b) Creating a TS Section in SIS

c) Using the Navigation Bar

(1) Student View

(a) Finding Print Resources

(2) Teacher View

(a) Finding Print Resources

d) Editing your Profile

(1) “My Teacher”

(a) How Information is Populated

(b) Setting it Up

2) Performing Daily Activities

a) Managing Assessments

(1) Creating an Assessment

(a) Quiz

(i) Finding a Password for a Quiz

(ii) Finding an Answer Key

(iii) Marking a Quiz

(iv) Allowing Additional Attempts

(b) Assignment

(i) Marking an Assignment

(ii) Draft File vs. Submitted File

(iii) Managing a Feedback File

(iv) Allowing Additional Attempts

(c) Forums

(i) Marking a Forum/Discussion

b) Viewing the Gradebook

(1) Exemptions (for Students)

c) Student Support FAQs

(1) Maximum Upload Size

(2) Saving Changes

d) Managing Reports & Tracking Activities

(1) Viewing your Class List

(2) Tracking Progress

(3) Finding Restrictions

(a) Student View

(b) Teacher View

(4) Placing Restrictions on an Assignment or Quiz

(a) Modifying Restrictions

(b) Making Exceptions to Restrictions

(5) Finding Work that has been Submitted

(a) Tracking Activity Completion

(b) Notifications

e) Exporting Grades

3) Modifying Information

a) Modifying a Course Homepage

b) Changing the Course Layout

c) Editing a Content Page

d) Course Info Page (Do not delete from TOC)

e) Editing a Quiz

(1) Before a Quiz has been Attempted

(2) After a Quiz has been Attempted

f) Editing an Assignment

g) Editing a Forum

h) Editing the Gradebook

i) Moving Grade Items

j) Managing Images & Copyright Information

k) Managing Orphaned Data

l) Adding a News Item

m) Adding a Block

n) Tracking Course Completion

o) Adding and Using a Marker Dashboard


  1. Each student REQUIRES a valid, unique email address.
  2. Login will be directed through SIS and will open your course automatically.
  3. Help is available! Email or call 1-866-774-5333.