Student Information System (SIS)

The ADLC Student Information System (SIS) provides education partners with more access to self-serve options.

SIS provides you with an efficient way to register students, track performance, and maximize your time. SIS is compliant with Government of Alberta’s Provincial Approach to Student Information (PASI) requirements and uses the benefits of a modern and robust software system. We’ve assembled your best questions and our training materials to help you get started.

What are some of the key benefits of SIS?

  • Manage your own student enrolment
  • Use a modern, intuitive interface
  • Create your own sections and add teachers
  • Manage your own courses
  • Register and track performance

Is there help available?

Absolutely. Help is available online through video and PDF. Our Partner Support team is also available to help you. Call 1-866-774-5333 or email

How do I get access to SIS?

Check with your school’s Distance Education Facilitator to find out if you’re registered with ADLC. If you’re not, there’s a simple form you can fill out to register your school with ADLC.

Getting Started

Managing Student Instruction (SI) Enrollments

Managing Teacher Support (TS) Enrollments

More SIS Training – PDF Resources

How a Super User can add a Teacher into SIS

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