In just seven months, 74-year old Hart has enrolled in and finished five ADLC courses: Word Processing 1, 2, and 3, as well as Spreadsheet 1 and Digital Presentation 1. Not only that, but she’s received the astonishing mark of 100% in every one of those courses.

Hart became interested in taking the courses after she came across the ADLC booth at the 2017 Northlands Teachers convention, which she attended as a retired teacher. She’s a veteran teacher, with a remarkable career that spans 43 years in places like Rocky Mountain House, Pigeon Lake and the Fox Lake Reserve in Alberta; Watson Lake in the Yukon; the University of Alberta, MacEwan University and Kayas Cultural College.

Despite this long career, she hasn’t yet ruled out returning to teaching, and that’s where enrolling in ADLC’s courses came in.

Maybe I will teach part time again, and knowledge of these systems would be useful…

“Maybe I will teach part time again, and knowledge of these systems would be useful,” says Hart. “Furthermore, they immensely improved my digital knowledge, which was very minimal. I had not kept up with all the advances in technology and I had some serious deficits in that context.”

Having previously taught adults looking to upgrade their education, Hart knows it’s never too late to learn and is spreading the word about ADLC and the flexibility offered by its courses.

My peers are mostly 65-75 and retired. I told one woman who wanted upgrading in Excel about them, and she planned to sign up for that one. ADLC provides a good introduction to subjects and a good way to reinforce learning acquired in conventional situations. You work at your own pace, and the courses are very reasonably priced.

JoAnne Hartigan taught Hart in her ADLC courses. She’s very impressed by Hart’s focus and enthusiasm. “She determined she needed skills in (Information Processing),” says Hartigan.

“She worked very hard and excelled in all of her courses, acquiring the skills she felt she needed. This, to me, makes Carol an outstanding example of someone who embraces lifelong learning.”