Welcome to 2018-19!

From all of us here at ADLC, we say, “Welcome back to school!” We hope that you’ve had an exciting and successful back-to-school start-up.

We are pleased to be working with you again this year. We have recently undergone several changes intended to improve student success, learning, and achievement and are confident that we will be able to meet your expectations.

First let me say that I am pleased to be joining the ADLC Administration team as the Principal. I am one of three new administrators looking forward to serving you this year. The school administrators are now Steven Kaplan, Principal; Jake Warkentin, Associate Principal  and Loya De Clercq, Associate Principal.

Our mandate at ADLC is to provide educational services to Alberta school partners and their students.  These services are designed to provide personalized learning opportunities and help improve teachers’ and learners’ overall experience. We are here to support you and your students in your schools.

Below is a list of initiatives have been designed to help students achieve success in distance learning:

  • 90-day Non-Starter
  • 60-day Stall
  • Course registration deadline of April 30
  • Course completion date of June 30
  • One Teacher-Student Instruction Model
  • A concentrated focus on schools and their students, which means that we are no longer accepting adult student registrations

A complete explanation of these changes and others can be found on our ADLC website under News and Updates in the story Looking Ahead: Changes at ADLC.

We anticipate adjustments may be required as we begin our new school year, just like many other schools will as well. We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we transition into these services.

Should you have any questions about these items or anything else, please contact us at 1-866-774-5333. Should you be interested in one of our administration team coming to your school to explain the ADLC services directly to you, contact us to schedule a time.

Thank you for your partnership with ADLC and good luck with your school year.

Steven Kaplan

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